The Cisco UCS Advantage Series

April 7th, 2011 (updated May 6th, 2011)

I love a box of chocolates for one simple reason – it provides a variety of bite-sized samples.  I get to taste several small samples and quickly determine which ones interest me and which ones don’t.  Well, why not package technical product discussions the same way?  I mean, why not provide several time-sized sample discussions of the technical advantages of a product or solution and let the consumer quickly determine which ones interest them or not?

Allow me to introduce you to the first round of the “Cisco UCS Advantage Series”…or, as I refer to it, a box of UCS chocolates.  This series was developed by Cisco to give our customers a quick sampling of just a few of the technical advantages of Cisco’s Unified Computing System solution.  Go on…sample a few.  They’re low calorie.

Special recognition to Dan Hanson (@danhanso) and his team of exceptional UCS engineers for producing this series.

__We’ve now posted all of these videos in one place on I recommend visiting this location for the most up-to-date list of videos:

Introduction to the Cisco UCS Advantage Series

UCS Server: Service Profiles and Templates


UCS Server: Server Pre-Provisioning


UCS Server: BIOS Policies


UCS Server: RAID Policies


UCS Server: Firmware Policies


UCS Server: Server Pools and Qualification Policies


UCS Server: Maintenance Policies


UCS Server: High Availability During Upgrades


UCS Server: Monitoring with BMC BPPM


UCS Server: Microsoft Hyper-V on UCS


UCS Server: Extended Memory Technology


UCS Server: Organizations and Roles


UCS I/O: Adapter Templates


UCS I/O: Network Interface Virtualization


UCS I/O: Adapter Fabric Failover


UCS I/O: Extend the Network to the Virtual Machine with VM-FEX


UCS I/O: Traffic Analysis of All Servers


UCS I/O: Ethernet Switching Modes


UCS I/O: Fibre Channel and Switch Modes


UCS I/O: FC Port Channels and Trunking


UCS Infrastructure: Lights-Out Management


UCS Infrastructure: Easy VM-FEX Deployment


UCS Infrastructure: Blade and Rack-Mount Management


UCS Infrastructure: Server Power Grouping


UCS Infrastructure: Manager Platform Emulator


UCS Infrastructure: Server Power Grouping and Prioritization (added May 6th, 2011)


UCS Infrastructure: Cisco Developer Network and Sandbox

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